What to Expect

When and where do we worship?

The typical Sunday worship service starts at 9:30am in the sanctuary of Trinity Presbyterian Church at 1120 Darley Road, Wilmington, DE 19810. There is open seating available in the Sanctuary. In addition there are pews available that are roped off and maintain a 6 foot distance from other family groups. For the protection of our youngest members, masks will continue to be worn by all persons during worship services. Virtual worship is also available. Please subscribe emails or visit the Connect page to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

What style of worship should I expect?

The worship service at Trinity is a "blended" service mixing a traditional style of worship and hymns with more contemporary music and technology. Worship services vary throughout the year, so you will find something different happening each week. The order of worship includes prayer, music, Bible reading, and a sermon based on Scripture. The Sacraments, a time of personal response, and a sharing of community concerns are also part of our worship. At Trinity, prayer may be spoken, offered in silence, or enacted. Reading, hearing, preaching, and confessing of the Word are central to our worship. At Trinity, worship is an activity of the common life of the people of God in which the care of the members for each other and for the quality of their life and ministry together expresses the reality of God's power to create and sustain community. As God is concerned for the events in daily life, so we, in worship, appropriately express concern for one another and for our ministry in the world.

Where do my kids go?

Nursery Care and Children's Church are available on Sunday mornings. For infants through age 3 Nursery Care is available for the service. The toys and surfaces are sanitized each week and children will not be sharing toys while they are in the Nursery. Parents may provide a snack for your child while they are in the nursery. Communal snacks will not be provided due to extreme caution. All adults will wear masks. Children ages 4 through 4th grade will participate in the first 20 minutes or so of the worship service and then will meet for Children's Church in the Darley Rooms 4 & 5.

What should I wear?

Dress as you feel comfortable. You will find others dress in a range of styles from casual to jeans to business attire. Cloth face coverings are REQUIRED while attending any functions at Trinity including worship.