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  • What does it mean to be a Presbyterian?
    Presbyterians are Believers and Doers. Being a Presbyterian is a way of being a Christian. Presbyterian is more like an adjective than a noun. We are Presbyterian Christians. In the New Testament, "presbuteros" means elder, and refers to the democratic custom of choosing leaders and advisors from among the wisest members of the church. Our church is founded on this concept of representative rule under the guiding spirit of Jesus Christ. To be a member of Trinity is to confess the Christian faith, trust in Christ as our forgiving Savior, promise to follow Christ and Christ's example for living, and commit oneself to attend church and serve Christ in the world.
  • What do Presbyterians believe?
    Like other Christians, Presbyterians believe in: - God: The Creator of the universe - Christ: The incarnation of God on earth - The Holy Spirit: The presence of God in the world and in the believer - The Church: The universal company of Christ's followers - Forgiveness of Sin: Made possible by the crucifixion of Jesus - Life Everlasting: Shown by the resurrection of Jesus - The Bible: The inspired Word of God
  • What are Trinity's sources of inspiration?
    We have two main sources of inspiration and guidance in our faith - The Bible and Creeds and Confessions. Presbyterians believe that the Bible is an inspired record of the revelation of God to all. Presbyterians do not believe that the authors of the Bible were "pens of God" as the pre-Christian writers believed. Instead, we believe the authors were inspired by God to reveal God to all people. We also take inspiration from our Creeds and Confessions. The Confessions both form and reflect our sense of community by describing our shared story and our common values.
  • Who are the members of Trinity Presbyterian Church?
    We are young and older, single and married, gay and straight, long-time residents and folks new to the area. We are seekers looking for answers in a place where we can grow. Currently, we have about 300 members.
  • How does Trinity Presbyterian Church worship on Sunday mornings?
    The Sunday worship service starts at 9:30 am. Ushers at the back of the church can answer any questions. Feel free to sit anywhere. Dress as you feel comfortable. You will find others dress in a range of style from casual jeans to business attire. Virtual worship is also available. Please visit our Live Stream page. You can view past worships on Trinity's Youtube page. Please subscribe to emails by completing the form at the bottom of this page. The worship service is a "blended" service mixing a traditional style of worship and hymns with more contemporary music and technology. Worship services vary throughout the year, so you will find something different happening each week. The order of worship includes prayer, music, Bible reading, and a sermon based on Scripture. The Sacraments, a time of personal response/offering, and a sharing of community concerns are also parts of our worship. At Trinity, prayer may be spoken, sung, offered in silence, or enacted. Music is a response that engages the whole self in prayer. Also, song unites our congregation. We have a Director of Music Ministries, and many members of our congregation participate through music in our worship. Central to our worship is reading, hearing, and preaching the Word of God. god's power to create and sustain community is evident through the congregation's caring for each other. As God is concerned for the events in daily life, so we, in worship, appropriately express concern for one another and for our ministry in the world. If you are a parent, you will find a safe, fun environment for your children. Nursery is available for children under the age of 4. Children ages 4 through Grade 4 participate in the first 15 minutes of the worship service and then attend an interactive, high-energy Children's Church program.
  • How does Trinity Presbyterian Church celebrate the sacraments?
    We recognize two sacraments, as described in the Bible: Baptism and the Lord's Supper. Baptism unites us with Jesus Christ and makes us members of God's family, the Church. We believe that it is an initiation into the church community, as ordered by Christ. We see baptism as a public confession, not a private one - a statement of faith made in the presence of others. When we baptize a baby, we take the baby on a stroll through the congregation to introduce him or her to our members. The entire congregation participates in the baptism. We also recognize baptisms that have been performed in other churches. The Lord's Supper, also called Communion, Holy Communion, or the Eucharist, is celebrated in a number of ways at Trinity. We see it as a time to renew faith and strengthen participants in the duties and privileges of Christian service. All who come to our church are welcome to celebrate Communion.
  • How can Trinity Presbyterian Church help me nurture and grow my God-given gifts?
    The church provides many opportunities for members to grow and be nutured through worship, fellowship, education, service, and mission. Member participation, equipped and informed by the discovery and use of their God-given gifts, will lead to a deepening commitment to be Jesus Christ's disciples, demonstrating Christian love and furthering God's kingdom. Guided by prayer and the Holy Spirit, members, teams, leaders, officers, and staff seek to provide the types of ministry and facilities they are challenged to develop and sustain. There are a number of missions that each focus on a different area of the congregation and community. We encourage all of our members to participate in a mission to which they feel called.
  • How do I know if Trinity Presbyterian Church is the right congregation for me?
    Only you can know if a congregation is right for you. We frequently sing a song that contains the lyrics, "All are welcome in this place," and this phrase truly reflects Trinity's diversity and caring spirit.
  • In what way will Trinity Presbyterian Church help me communicate with God?
    One key way is through worship and active participation in the congregation. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to worship God, nutures one another, and use our God-given gifts to reach out in mission and service to others.
  • Can Trinity Presbyterian Church help me find and be closer with God?
    The main reason for being active in our church is love - love for God, one another, and ourselves. We believe each of us needs help and guidance from other Christians in order to follow Christ. Through active membership in a church, you will deepen your bond with Jesus Christ. Your participation in our congregation can help you express more fully your commitment to Christ through worshiping and serving God, and as you anticipate more joyfully an everlasting life with Christ. An active membership in our church will also enrich your relationship with others and increase your opportunity to love and be loved in the same way Christ loves us.
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